What I do?

I have a sound knowledge of photography which includes photo editing as well. Check my portfolio here!

I produce creative videos from the start to finish. I write, storyboard, shoot (videography), direct, and edit (post-production). Check my portfolio here!

I am certified graphic designer and illustrator. I have a sound knowledge of graphic designing, particularly illustration and indesign. Some of the genres of graphic designs that I do are annual reports design, pamphlets, brochures, infographics, calendar, etc. Check my portfolio here!

Music is my passion. I play guitar, drum and keyboard. I sing as well. I produce music, mix and master. I have solely arranged, recorded, produced music, mixed and mastered an album which consists of 7 songs. Check my portfolios here!

I produce various documents of communication strategy, branding & marketing framework, fundraising and other sorts of reports.

My Skills
Photography 70%