About me


I am Aashish Rai – a Multimedia Expert, Communications Practitioner, Digital Marketing Specialist and an aspiring Filmmaker. I have more than 5 years of working experience in the field of media and communications where I worked in a different role such as photographer, videographer, editor, creative writer, creative producer, communication officer, etc. in different time period, with a mission to enhance overall branding and visibility of the particular clients or organizations. I have passionately handled, led and accomplished various development communication and visibility projects/missions for various renowned development organizations like the European Union, Save the Children, The British Red Cross, The Leprosy Mission Nepal, Mission East, Danish Red Cross, CARE Nepal, etc. with my strong subjective knowledge, leadership, project management skills and team coordination. In-addition, I have solely created 5 short films where I worked as a writer, cinematographer, editor and director.

Moreover, I have more than 3 years of participatory facilitation, team coordination and program/event/activities management experience in an education sector where I transformed rigid plans into successful action. As a secondary teacher at school, I planned and prepared course materials, taught and guided students, resulting into a successful graduation. I also planned, managed and conducted various ECA programs, events or activities with an effective team coordination.

To deliver an outstanding result, I possess remarkable skills and knowledge (see here!) in visual storytelling, creative writing, building communications strategy, brand designing, digital marketing, capacity building, data management, etc. at a professional level. I have been consistently sharpening my skills and knowledge through various pieces of training and workshops which added more value to my professional career and helped me to work competently in national, and global scenarios.

I am an innovative and results-driven young and energetic person who always focuses on achieving exceptional results in a highly competitive environment. I have a Master’s Degree in Sociology. I am certified Photographer, Graphic Illustrator, Video Editor and Digital Marketing Practitioner. I have always enjoyed learning and sharing new attributes in an action-oriented activities.

With regards,

Aashish Rai